The Madame Secretary and Integrity

The casual observer is quickly becoming an endangered species in an electorate so tuned in and turned on.  Those that vote, at least, are too informed to stay on the sidelines of opinion making.  They can, and will make their own opinions based, not on the loudest talking-head on Fox, but on what they read and digest on social media.  Those “news” outlets that have learned to bundle together their message, be it conservative or progressive, etc. can thrive.  Blaze relies on the viewers of other like-minded outlets for their own viewership.  It’s what creates the “echo chamber” so many now live in.  But that’s another topic.

So, the upshot of all this; an “informed” electorate is guessing correctly that those in Washington really do view them as a hassle at best, sheep that need tending at worst.  And, they’re not too happy about it.


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